Clever Entertainment Group Ltd. is a British mass media holding company founded in October 12, 2017, by Max Andrew as a successor to The Clever Team.

It was formed as Max thought that since Clever Entertainment was a production company, they wouldn’t be able to do financial practices or run businesses.

The company owns it’s divisions Clever Entertainment, Clever Games, Clever Game Making, Centennialville Studios, Thinkomation, and it’s distribution arm Max Andrew Distribution including it’s subsidiaries Toadlover404 Anywhere, Laserium Entertainment, Caelan Movies Productions, NancerMedia, and J&M Productions.


On April 19, 2018, the Clever President and CEO Max Andrew and Nancer founder Isaac Wykes announced that Isaac was selling Nancer over to Clever Entertainment Group. That company was responsible for producing the animated series Clarence & Stickly.

In June 20, 2018, Nancer bought JacobH, responsible for the creation of shows like New Marble Show, HeX|DEMO, and other programs. Clever Games made a video game based on the series one and a half years ago with Marbles The Game for the Game-Fi and it was eventually released on other platforms, got a deluxe version, a party game spin-off and a sequel.